7 Mistakes Great People Make

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Are you choosing the experiences YOU want or going with the flow of what others want?

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  • 2. Not Owning Your Code.
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  • 7 Mistakes People Make While In The Presence Of Greatness;

After I jumped ship at my own birthday party I decided to re-evaluate what I was doing wrong and how I could be sure this would never happen again. I decided to make my birthday special every year by doing something uniquely me. Here are the 7 mistakes to avoid in order to have the most magical birthday of YOUR dreams. Going with the flow will allow for the unexpected to happen.

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  4. Let's face it. No one knows you better than you. If you find yourself procrastinating planning your special day, ask yourself why! Are you expecting others to read your mind?

    2. No Call to Action

    Do you believe you are worthy of having the perfect birthday? Are you afraid to ask for what you really want? If your friends want to help, let them but be sure to communicate what is important to you! A hard lesson learned: One time I planned my brothers birthday.

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    He gave me 3 requests, to have an early dinner, be in bed by 9 PM and wake up early for a big breakfast before work. I thought there is no way he wants to do that on his birthday. I threw him a big party and we stayed up until 2 AM, in the morning he was so hung over he couldn't eat. He later told me he had fun but was sad he didn't get to do what he wanted. At that moment I remembered the party I ran away from and felt so bad I didn't honor his request.

    The next weekend, I traveled all the way back to his city to give him the birthday of his dreams. Early bird special, movie, sleep and a big delicious breakfast. It wasn't my idea of a fun birthday but it also wasn't my birthday. Honor yourself and do what you want, no matter what it is!

    It's time for a perspective change! Timing is everything, trust the timing of your life. My life changed when I started to focus on all the things I was accomplishing. Try making a list of all the awesome things you did in the last year and then get pumped up for everything that will follow! Ok, we all have been there. Your soul never ages, therefore you are however old you feel.

    Life is a gift and your days on this earth are numbered. Start to see the climbing of your age as a beautiful gift of time. Give thanks for being here, I'm sure there are plenty of souls that would be happy to take your place. When we were younger we wished to be older and more accomplished, when we are older we wish for our wild youth.

    Begin to practice the art of loving exactly where you are.


    7 Mistakes That Keep You Behind

    There are no better years or times, now is the very best. Coming into this world was a whirlwind of adventure! You deserve adventure every year on your special day. Check your pride. It might be tempting to sweep your troubles under the rug, but hiding your credit problems will only make things worse.

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    Start by getting in touch with a certified credit counselor. Slow down. Resist the urge to purchase more than you need just because you have enough available credit. What you eat and how active you are has an effect on the energy you have and that will affect how to tackle your goals. Your physical fitness is closely tied to your success journey. It goes beyond just maintaining your fitness; harness the power that comes when you are in tune with your body.

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    • 7 Mistakes People Make While In The Presence Of Greatness | African Bookhub.

    Successful people cut those things out of their life and make it a point to create a life of freedom. They spend each moment on the things that lead to and support the kind of life they want to live.

    1. Rushing Through Concepts

    Time is precious and life is short. Your goals, dreams and aspirations have to be personal.

    You insist on a direct route to success.

    Learn from your mistakes. We all make them and will continue making them for the rest of our livesā€”so view them as life lessons. The key is to not repeat where you stumbled before. Fall and get back up determined to work on your goals harder and smarter. Kimanzi Constable used to deliver bread for a living; now he writes.