Alone Yet Not Alone: Their faith became their freedom

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General Braddock and his army had been defeated and soon the Pennsylvania settlers would suffer the bloody effects of the French and Indian War. Regina makes a promise to her older sister just before they are unwillingly separated—each to endure different fates.

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Barbara is taken deep into the wilderness, but holds on to the hope that she will find her little sister. Though she is adopted into the Indian tribe, there is a longing deep inside that cannot be denied. She must escape—but the penalty if caught is certain death.

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The extreme probability that the Indians would pursue and recapture us, was two to one compared with the dim hope that, perhaps, we would get through Craven Unfading Beauty draws on her family history in this moving historical novel. In a raid on Pennsylvania settlers, Allegheny Indians kidnap two sisters, Barbara and Regina Leininger, ages 12 and nine, respectively.

Told from Barbara s point of view, the story focuses on how her Christian faith helps her endure her four-year captivity.


When the tribes separate the sisters, Barbara risks escape to find Regina, but is recaptured and nearly burned alive. The chief s son, Galasko, stays her punishment, but Barbara vows to one day escape and find Regina.

Alone Yet Not Alone

Bolstered by her friendship with Marie, a fellow Yengee Yankee captive, Barbara swears, Together with Christ s strength, we will continue on until we are free. Throughout the story, thoughts of home, entwined with memories of learning the Bible, buoy Barbara s conviction that she will see her family again. Since the decision by the Academy last week, several prominent people within the film industry have spoken out against the action, including Gerald Molen, Oscar-winning producer of "Schindler's List.

Gotzon said she doesn't see it that way. Read Gotzon's interview with CP that has been edited below.

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CP: When you heard the news that the song was going to be rescinded by the Academy, what was your reaction? That heartbrokenness wasn't about the fact, "Oh, we're out of the Oscars," but it was about the fact of their hard work which was honored is now under suspect that they did something wrong. I was so concerned about people looking at their character at being flawed with integrity because it was so far from the truth. They are really good, honorable, honest, and well-spoken people that you just don't like to see bad things happen to good people.

CP: The Academy appears to be receiving what is a growing backlash to its action; where do you think this controversy will lead to now?

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But I think this is developing awareness for people to be able to look past the controversy and hear the meaning behind this song that you are "alone," but you are really not alone — meaning that in the midst of life's wilderness, all these allegories, we have hopelessness, we have addictions, we have suicidal thinking, we have bullying, we have darkness that surrounds our world, especially with Philip Seymour Hoffman just yesterday committing suicide, drug overdose, we really don't know the reasoning behind it, but this is reality, what's happening in our world behind closed doors.

We are human and people face feeling isolated and alone — and that's the neatest thing that I think is happening as the result of the Oscar [nomination] being rescinded is that if people can hear this song that never would have thought of it or heard of it and all of a sudden they are comforted in their own soul that they really aren't alone. If they chose, they could reach out to God and God would reach back to them and embrace them, and hold them, and love them because that's what God is, He's a loving father, who forgives and has grace and wants to be with us and carry us through those dark times.

God has given us freedom of choice.

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It's our choice to reach to Him. So that's first thing that I see that's happening as the result of the Oscars, is that this song, which nobody probably ever heard of prior is getting global awareness, that maybe people's lives can really be inspired and touched, and maybe healed. How cool would that be? The second thing that I see that's happening is it's interesting from all perspectives, from political to religious to all sides of the camp, people are looking at this for the first time, saying, "You know, this really isn't fair.

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Why was this removed? Those are some questions and conversations people are now spawning in the media. When I look at that as a great picture, you know, there has been a movement in inspirational, uplifting films — films that have a story line that can really bring hope and love and redemption to a viewing audience.

CP: Before this controversy, you were already an advocate for inspirational and uplifting films as not only an actress in the film industry, but in your ministry and mentoring work, supporting other Christians wanting to have a career as an actor or actress. What do you recommend people do in response to the song's removal from Oscar nomination?

It's so easy for the world to place judgment or hatred on a certain belief system. I think the way that we in the Church react needs to only react in love, grace, and forgiveness.