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But for Christians, religious freedom is better under Trump's administration, he said.

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In concluding the discussion, Wear provided insight on the state of political decisions in largely white evangelical communities. In , that number shot up to 72 percent. The response from evangelicals was that "character doesn't matter," Wear said. During the concluding question and answer session, a woman at the event asked about Christianity being adopted as a veil for racism in recent years.

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Imaginative Faith Response in Politics

Moreover, by challenging common perceptions of religiously motivated activism, it offers a more grounded and nuanced understanding of religion and the American political landscape. Her research explores the ways in which citizens participate in public life, and the complex role of religion in this process.

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His research interests include religion, politics, identity, and sexuality, with a focus on how culture serves to motivate socio-moral action. Rhys H. Fuist and R. Description Authors Praise New stories about religiously motivated progressive activism challenge common understandings of the American political landscape.

This book is thus an enormous contribution and a groundbreaking work. This timely volume shatters the myth of the religious rights monopoly on faith-based political activism.

While acknowledging the difficulties confronted by religious liberals in organizing for social justice, the authors provide a wealth of new evidence-based insights about how to strengthen the progressive religious movement at a time when its witness is badly needed. Dionne Jr.

When Faith and Politics Collide

In , for example, the civil-rights marchers who crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, were not just women and men, black and white, but also ministers and rabbis. Martin Luther King Jr.

When I speak of America rising to the heights of a Democratic and Christian nation, I am referring to the need of rising to the heights of noble ethical and moral principles. In pursuing those ethical and moral principles, King—like many leaders of the civil-rights movement—took an inclusive approach to social change that progressives today would be well served to adopt. I have no illusions that Americans can, or should, agree on every issue. There are fundamental differences I have with people whose faith I share.

In the era of Pope Francis, for example, the Catholic Church has elevated its public witness about refugees, economic justice, and the environment.

The call to public life

My own denomination, like many other mainline Protestant denominations, for several years has welcomed LGBTQ members and clergy and celebrated same-sex marriages. Yet rather than looking for the shared beliefs that might unite Americans in pursuit of common aims, the political expression of our religious beliefs has more often divided us.

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That tendency, in turn, has made it more difficult to find areas where we agree. But I still remain optimistic that faith can help bridge even the most profound political disagreements.

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Two-dozen Senators—liberal and conservative; Catholic, Evangelical, Mormon, Protestant, Jewish, and Buddhist—come together to hear each other and to pray. We do two simple things that rarely find their way into our schedules at any other time of the week: We trust each other, and we listen. We share their humanity, building personal connections that help us to bridge our political divides.

I worked with Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, with whom I disagree on many public-policy issues, to pass and get signed into law new protections for intellectual property.