Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph

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She died in the car Nov. Paul resident will be screened today at Landmark Center in St. He got re-certificated as a pilot, starting at the bottom, with a Private Pilot license, and with the support of his loyal friends and fellow pilots, he was eventually able to return to work for Northwest Airlines. Prouse retired from Northwest Airlines in September He later received a presidential pardon [6] from U.

President Bill Clinton in [7]. In he published an autobiography and account of his time with Northwest entitled Final Approach: Northwest Airlines Flight , Tragedy and Triumph.

Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph

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He continues to work with all the major airlines in their alcohol programs. He is also active in his Native American community, and he provides hope to those struggling with the disease of alcoholism, no matter who they are or where they are. The Dame's Review :. How boose can break his will, his heart and his morality to such a point he would risk the very lives of those he is committed to protect flying on a national airline.

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He would become a would-be murderer in the air One mechanical slip that would send his planeload of passengers crashing to their deaths. I was drawn to "Final Approach" out of a tremendous curiosity having been very familiar with the pilot and incidents described via the national news and other print coverage.

I wanted to see how Mr. Prouse would handle himself in his time of confession and "making amends. He had become entrapped by the villian alcohol and it was unbeknownst to him how it had taken over and caused this problem in his flight schedule. That was a disappointment from the get-go for me.

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I'm the mother of a recovering alcoholic now over 25 years sober and I believe honesty is the only way out and into true sobriety. So, to see an excuse right up front and center worried me about the way the book started. Accepting personal responsibility is the first of the ways of getting sober for life. It was enough to get him set straight and through a series of struggles, to find him working out his sobriety and then reaching out to others with his same issues.

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  • Final Approach - Northwest Airlines Flight 650, Tragedy and Triumph.

Finally, as the book comes to a close, Mr. I felt this continued work on his own sobriety, and his continued means of reaching out were the keys to his health and well-being Prouse is a fine writer.

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That so many in the airline hierarchy would work with him to help him turn his life around and give him another outlet for good was most heartwarming. A good read for men and women, alike. Probably don't want to read it on a plane trip! Email This BlogThis!