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It was early dawn in May, The glowing sun had just touched the eastern mountains with living fire; the green brakes and long stretches of half-tropical woodland were springing out of the shadow; a thin mist was drifting from the cool valleys; to the north the sea's wide reach was dancing and darkling. Upon a little height overlooking the Sicilian town of Cefalu three men were standing, very unlike in age and dress, yet each with attention fixed on one object,—a white falcon which the youngest of the party had perched on his fist.

Two of the men were past the prime of life. Of one, the swarthy countenance, sharp features, bright Oriental dress, ponderous blue turban, and crooked cimeter proclaimed him at once a Moor, undoubtedly a Moslem; the other, taller, thinner than his comrade, wore a coarse, dark mantle; his hood was thrust back, displaying a head crowned with a tight-fitting steel cap, a face stern and tough, as if it were of oxhide, marked almost to deformity by plentiful sword scars.

The Origins of the First Crusade

He wore a grizzled gray beard; at his side jangled a heavy sword in battered sheath; and in his hands, which lacked more than one finger, he held a crossbow, the bolts for which swung in a leathern case at his thigh. The two stood by their third companion, who was holding up the falcon on a gold-embroidered glove, while the other hand readjusted the feather-tufted hood over the bird's eyes. Michael," the young man was declaring, "say to me, Herbert, and you also, Nasr, there was never such a falcon; no, not in all Count Roger's mews. He was a strong-limbed fellow of perhaps two-and-twenty; with a face not regular and handsome certainly; the cheek-bones were too high, the features too rugged, the mouth too large for that.

But it was an honest, ingenuous face; the brown eyes snapped with lively spirits, and, if need be, with no trifling passion; the mouth was affable; the little brown mustache twisted at a determined curve; and the short dark hair—he was bare-headed—was just curly enough to be unruly. He wore a bleaunt, an undercloak of fine gray cloth, and over this was caught a loose mantle of scarlet woollen,—a bright dress that marked out his figure from afar.

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God Wills It! - A Tale of the First Crusade

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Rider Haggard. The Arabian Nights Entertainments. Wisdom's Daughter. Orlando Furioso. The phrases used are "churches of God in the eastern region" and "the eastern churches" to the Flemish , "liberation of the Church" to Bologna , "liberating Christianity [Lat. Christianitatis]" to Vallombrosa , and "the Asian church" to the Catalan counts. Coincidentally or not, Fulcher of Chartres's version of Urban's speech makes no explicit reference to Jerusalem.

Rather it more generally refers to aiding the crusaders' Christian "brothers of the eastern shore," and to their loss of Asia Minor to the Turks. It is still disputed what Pope Urban's motives were as evidenced by the different speeches that were recorded, all of which differ from each other. Some historians believe that Urban wished for the reunification of the eastern and western churches, a rift that was caused by the Great Schism of Others believe that Urban saw this as an opportunity to gain legitimacy as the pope as at the time he was contending with the antipope Clement III.

A third theory is that Urban felt threatened by the Muslim incursions into Europe and saw the crusades as a way to unite the christian world into a unified defense against them. Urban also gave support to the crusades in Spain against the Moors there. Pope Urban was concerned that the focus on the east and Jerusalem would neglect the fight in Spain. He saw the fight in the east and in Spain as part of the same crusade so he would offer the same remission of sin for those that fought in Spain and discouraged those that wished to travel east from Spain.

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In return he granted Roger I the freedom to appoint bishops as a right of "lay investiture" , to collect Church revenues before forwarding to the papacy, and the right to sit in judgment on ecclesiastical questions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pope Blessed. Papal vestments Papal tiara Staff. Main article: First Crusade.

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Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. September David d'Avray, Cambridge University Press, , The Catholic Historical Review. Louise and Johnathan Riley-Smith, London , 37— Popes of the Catholic Church. List of popes graphical canonised Papal names Tombs extant non-extant Antipope Pope emeritus Papal resignation Pope-elect.

Benedict XVI Francis. Book Category Catholicism portal. Catholic Church. Index Outline Glossary Lists of Catholics.

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Catholicism portal Book Category. History of the Catholic Church. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. March 19, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. Published in , this is a long book , to be approached only by the truly dedicated.