I am neurotic: (and so are you)

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In order to get a nuanced view, it is required to bring up all the known variables. And if I have to point it out, my last comment can be discerned if you are able to comprehend the full context of the article. The writer states that "Anxiety and depressive conditions were the bulk of neurotic conditions," which is also a factor in suicidal behavior. And by combining this information, one receives a more nuanced view of neuroticism. If suicidal behavior stems from both difficult circumstances and a neurotic temperament, I think it would be safe to say that the writer understands that there are environmental factors to neuroticism.

I train animals and believe this trait is expressed in a percentage of the temperaments of animals I work with. I find a different training approach is needed when this temperament factor is present, but when shaped in this way, they do just as well. This said, unskilled people handling these animals can create very difficult behaviours very quickly.

This is because it can better encompass the way the trait functions rather than the negative behaviours it often correlates with. You make a good point here. And "sensitive" is a reasonable way to frame this issue. That is a key part of the animal mind-brain system, and "sensitive" does not, IMO, capture this aspect. Mammals have positive and negative affect systems that become largely set in adulthood, by genes and experience.

See Larsen, Personality Psychology Brent W.

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Roberts, Jing Luo, Daniel A. Briley, Philip I.

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Chow, Rong Su, and Patrick L. Hill Online First Publication, January 5, I read an article concerning hiring practices using the Big Five and it recommended not to hire the neurotics.

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I am glad that I am older and will quit working soon so I won't have to take that test. I agree that the term, "neurotic", should not be abolished. If it could be generally accepted and understood as meaning something very general when it is not immediately being qualified, it would be very practical. That, I believe, is how it was used originally, before "political correctness" became an OCD of society. How else can one conveniently refer to the condition without having to give a full-scale psycho-analysis each and every time? Our youngest is what we call a moody genius.

He is not proficient in just one area. He talked at 9 months, read the Wall Street Journal when he was 3 while sitting on the pot yelling for someone to come wipe his butt. From the time he could talk, he worried mightily about things that were not even on the radar of some adults. He weathered any sort of change very poorly. His extreme overthinking caused extreme negative mood reactions.

i am neurotic: by Lianna Kong

He would be in a black mood for days, then get better, but wouldn't bother to call me and tell me he was better. He was raised with two siblings in a very normal environment.

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Our lives were family-centered, no divorces, substance abuse, or any other sort of notable dysfunction aside from the usual family squabbling, we weren't poor, he wasn't bullied in school, had a lot of friends of the good kind, his teachers liked him, he participated in sports, FBLA they went to nationals , he was nice-looking, and I am not aware of any trauma he might have been exposed to. He was just an over-thinker. We said he was 32 years old when he was born. At a fast food place he would hem and haw and agonize for 20 minutes before he decided on a cheeseburger.

We would all be impatient with him because we wanted to eat. He did mellow out a little after age 30, but living with his earth rattling moods is still like living with Beethoven. Gregg Henriques, Ph. Back Psychology Today.

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Like Like. Eustice is still missing. I was hoping you could use your neurotic powers to help me late him. Thanks a bunch! Tara recently posted Happy birthday, Hunter-bear! You could though, write your definition on a piece of paper and insert it — like a bookmark. Which I think of meaning highly creative and incredibly interesting.

Liz recently posted Zoe vs. This post is literally neurotic. Literally being the first original definition and neurotic being the hand written pen definition added to Webster by Jenny. Jane Ryan recently posted Leaked photo of the new iphone 6. Less pens needed. If we can invent words, why not definitions? I think that all the best people are neurotic.

riaverpauricern.ml Not that the first thing I though of was porn. I read an article the other day that used the word literally, saying Mitch McConnell literally ran away from the press. Imagine my disappointment when what he really did was literally walk away. Stupid Webster! Ann St. Cards Against Humanities. Funniest game in the history of funny games. Definitely need to get some expansion sets. And I believe neurosis is in the eye of the beholder. Teri recently posted I'm on HuffPost!!!!!!

Omg, your fans are amazing! Two librarians curled in the fetal position at the thought of dictionary vandalization, and someone thinking PORN when they read this post. It feels like home. And I shall now adopt your definition as my own.

They should. They stole that shit from my family. Michelle Grewe recently posted What I did today that pissed me off. I agree.

I find sticky notes helpful when I simply must express my thoughts to the general public. Love ya! No — really. That must lend some credibility when answering questions about a medical condition. What was the question again?