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Examples of Lyric Poetry

Let it be without a form even in the invisible dark shows up a moon. And believe it or not that all perfect sweet spot planet paradise could be the next stop. Like the flower thins out into the fragrance ah, these finest wings know no bound. The butterfly paradise slips out is on the fly wafts into the enduring scent of a paint so bold.

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Lo, on its picturesque wings it has all the eyeballs where does it reach out to no one knows. It's on the other side of the pool only the Queen Fathima knows that sweet spot! No one tolerates any pause is deadly on this route here death is unknown but none can touch the bottom!

Pans out to the horizontal spread and feels deep dips into the depth. Flower in the fire, the sea in a drop of water Hewn beauty Fathima is the far cry water nymph amidst the mesmerised burnt-flock.

We Are King & Queen

DivineDao Jul Shofi Ahmed Oct Earth to Heaven Navel High. King Solomon keeps an ear on the ground the Queen of Sheba tiptoes on this way. There too the newly resurrected earth be primed to loop into the Golden section at the same height. Laying the stepping stone on before her mosaiced to measure on the phi adhered navel-high! Houri: The Beautiful native woman of paradise.

The Math Behind the Beauty argues that "Leonardo da Vinci's drawings of the human body emphasised its proportion. The ratio of the following distances is the Golden Ratio: foot to navel : navel to head ". King Panda Jul I hope you enjoyed it! Osiria Melody Mar Underneath beauty's mask of happiness is pain. The Rose. In a Garden full of Roses. One Rose was mercilessly plucked. The Beauty of the Garden still remains.

Jessica Jul L Aug Not so modern love letters. This life we're living, this place we're at, this thing we're feeling.

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Its amazingly surreal. Like a waking dream that is our reality. Almost too good to be true. And while every rose has gotta have its thorns, even our thorns are, oh, so sweet. Maybe they remind us of how frail we are. And even the blood is sweet. In a way. In a dark twisted beautifully morbid way.

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Our way. Email is the most intimate form of communication. It is also the most frustrating. The proof is in the persistence. Samaah noor Feb 6. Christian Ek Aug In spite of new poems revealing a Napoleonic bias, Victor was invited to see Charles X. But though a son was born to him he was not restored to Conservatism; with his mother's death all that had vanished.

His tragedy of "Cromwell" broke lances upon Royalists and upholders of the still reigning style of tragedy.

Based on History

The second collection of "Odes" preluding it, showed the spirit of the son of Napoleon's general, rather than of the Bourbonist field-marshal. His "Orientales," though written in a Parisian suburb by one who had not travelled, appealed for Grecian liberty, and depicted sultans and pashas as tyrants, many a line being deemed applicable to personages nearer the Seine than Stamboul.

Still imprudent, the young father again irritated the court with satire in "Marion Delorme" and "Hernani," two plays immediately suppressed by the Censure, all the more active as the Revolution of July, , was surely seething up to the edge of the crater. In the summer of , a civil ceremony was performed over the insurgents killed in the previous year, and Hugo was constituted poet-laureate of the Revolution by having his hymn sung in the Pantheon over the biers. It was to have been followed by others, but the publisher unfortunately secured a contract to monopolize all the new novelist's prose fictions for a term of years, and the author revenged himself by publishing poems and plays alone.

Heine professed to see in the prominence of the hunchback a personal appeal of the author, who was slightly deformed by one shoulder being a trifle higher than the other; this malicious suggestion reposed also on the fact that the quasi -hero of "Le Roi s'Amuse" , a tragedy suppressed after one representation, for its reflections on royalty , was also a contorted piece of humanity.

This play was followed by "Lucrezia Borgia," "Marie Tudor," and "Angelo," written in a singular poetic prose. Spite of bald translations, their action was sufficiently dramatic to make them successes, and even still enduring on our stage. They have all been arranged as operas, whilst Hugo himself, to oblige the father of Louise Bertin, a magazine publisher of note, wrote "Esmeralda" for her music in Thus, at , when he was promoted to an officership in the Legion of Honor, it was acknowledged his due as a laborious worker in all fields of literature, however contestable the merits and tendencies of his essays.

In , the Academy, having rejected him several times, elected him among the Forty Immortals. In the previous year had been successfully acted "Ruy Blas," for which play he had gone to Spanish sources; with and after the then imperative Rhine tour, came an unendurable "trilogy," the "Burgraves," played one long, long night in For distraction, Hugo plunged into politics.

His maiden speech bore upon artistic copyright; but he rapidly became a power in much graver matters. Medieval art often depicts the Virgin Mary in an enclosed rose garden — a representation of Eden, but also a place where courtly lovers could retire. The Christmas rose — a hardy white flower with five petals that blooms at Christmas time — is a symbol of the Nativity and appears in medieval carols and seasonal hymns to the Virgin.

From the 12th century, rose imagery exploded across Europe with the spread of religious devotion to Mary. The medieval rose, laden with Christian symbolism of love and sacrifice, was now such a strong religious idea that it bloomed into architecture and became incorporated into the building of Gothic churches in the form of rose windows. The rose continued to be revered into the 13th century, where we have the major appearance of the rosary Latin: rosarium , a set of prayer beads created as a garland of roses. In so doing she tied the strands of courtly love and holy virginity together in her own queenly identity.

The rose is also part of the heraldic imagery of the kings and queens of England. The liveries of the houses of York and Lancaster, for example, were represented by white and red roses respectively, and the civil war that broke out between these two houses between and was later termed the Wars of the Roses. The Earl of Warwick, who chooses a white rose, remarks:. And here I prophesy: this brawl today, Grown to this faction in the Temple garden, Shall send, between the Red Rose and the White, A thousand souls to death and deadly night.

Ode to a Nightingale

In marrying Elizabeth of York in he combined two dynasties and two roses, giving birth to the famous Tudor Rose, which was both white and red. Further back in time, we find the same veneration and symbolism surrounding the rose, with a strong emphasis on its powers of seduction and associations with mortality. The scent of roses permeated the ancient world, where petals were scattered across the floor, the bed or the dinner table.

Rose oil was distilled for use as a perfume, breath sweetener or medicine, and rose water was popular for cosmetic use and in food. The Romans offered roses to statues of the gods and used roses to wreathe tombs. The rose was sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, and to her Greek equivalent, Aphrodite. The Greek poet Sappho, meanwhile, praises the flower in a poem entitled Song of the Rose , which has been attributed to her:.

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If Zeus chose us a King of the flowers in his mirth, He would call to the rose, and would royally crown it; For the rose, ho, the rose! The rose had other more complex symbolism for the Romans, however. The Rosalia was a Roman feast to remember the dead in which roses played a significant part, and the Roman custom of hanging a rose overhead or painting or carving one on the ceiling in confidential meetings was a reminder that nothing that was discussed could be repeated outside the room where the meeting had taken place.

Henry VIII made this practice more widespread, and the carving of roses into ceilings is a design which we still see today.

Romantic Poem : Love letter by Noâmane

Across the centuries the rose retained its privileged position as queen of flowers, gaining new varieties and meanings through the centuries.