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The dawn of history

Choe, who was left behind in the South, lived under surveillance during the military dictatorship. He had a tearful reunion with his mother in when Ms.

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Ryu visited Seoul, the South Korean capital, for government-arranged family reunions of hundreds of older people from both Koreas who were separated from their relatives during the Korean War. South Korea has since allowed Mr.

Korean reunification

He left a wife and two adult children in the South when he defected, according to the South Korean news media. It is highly unusual for South Koreans to defect to the North or enter the country illegally. At least six South Koreans who have been detained in the North in recent years remain there, including three missionaries who were sentenced to hard labor for life on spying and other charges.

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But the North has also returned some South Korean detainees in recent years. The country is largely mountainous, with small valleys and narrow coastal plains.

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From them several mountain ranges branch off with a northeast-southwest orientation. The most important of these are the Sobaek Mountains , which undulate in a long S-shape across the peninsula. The highest peak in South Korea, the extinct volcano Mount Halla on Cheju Island , is 6, feet 1, metres above sea level.

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The eastern coastline is relatively straight, whereas the western and southern have extremely complicated ria i. Streamflow is highly variable, being greatest during the wet summer months and considerably less in the relatively dry winter. Sandy and brown-coloured soils are common, and they are generally well-leached and have little humus content.

South Korea

Podzolic soils ash-gray forest soils , resulting from the cold of the long winter season, are found in the highlands. The greatest influence on the climate of the Korean peninsula is its proximity to the main Asian landmass. This produces the marked summer-winter temperature extremes of a continental climate while also establishing the northeast Asian monsoons seasonal winds that affect precipitation patterns. The photographs, published by the online site NK News , reveal the scale of the ghostly interior.

Kim Il-sung, to whom grandson Kim Jong-un bears a close resemblance, was approaching the end of his life. Massive cast concrete floors and pillars inside the doomed Ryugyong in central Pyongyang. Building started under Kim Il-sung above. It is an embarrassment to his grandson Kim Jong-un. Construction with cranes atop the building in the 20th century.

Work on the Ryugyong restarted in , and in glass panels were added to the outside, giving the building its futuristic look. Before glass was added. Picture: Alamy Source:Alamy. Glass being added to the Ryugyong in