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Since she wanted nothing to do with his son, billionaire player Brodie must prepare to face a new role in life, single fatherhood, with a strong emphasis on single. Feeling disgruntled and abandoned by the mother of his child, the former playboy has no plans to get involved with any new bunnies anytime soon, if ever. The sisters are smart, innocent, loving and full of mischief and fun. Yes definitely a 5-star read!!

McDaniel: Alaezdar thought he had found a perfect home in a small farming community of Valewood. Here he hoped he could bury his past and hide from his mercenary guild that has a death price on his head. His hopes are shattered when an evil sorceress, a wizard, and his goblin-like bloodthirsty followers raid the village and kidnap a teenage girl.

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The Pacifiers are faced with a threat of such enormity that they must resort to a previously unthinkable course of action implementing Contingency Nine. What I expect to see in the intensive care setting is the noblest form of compassion, the love of parent for child, but what I witness is much more: the acts of kindness between strangers. If the thoughts are experienced in repetition or as a group, they imbed a new perspective.

I hope you enjoy them and understand that these books are not books of poetry, although they are poetic, nor are they narratives.

They do not intend to convey a story but rather meaning, the deeper idea. A classy and handsome Siamese cat reveals the challenges in his life, from his experiences as a kitten in a shelter to life in suburbia. He deals with family affairs, sexual problems, drug use and how to be happy in a bittersweet world. Written by a retired First Grade teacher, this book is light and filled with humor. Kindle Oliver West!

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But he also loves his pajamas. Why spend time trying to figure out how to put on his shirt and pants when he could be playing with friends? And where IS his other shoe? With lively rhyme and whimsical illustrations, Mom lovingly guides him through the process. Come along and see, if Oliver West, ever gets dressed! Her Client: Part 1 by Sally E. Xander: Angel, a college student during the day and call-girl at night is hired by her first female client, Jane. In a matter of hours, her life is changed forever. But will one night be enough for either of them?

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But I think getting revenge would be even better. Full of magic, elves, dragons, and betrayal, this book will satisfy the most avid fans of dark fantasy and twisted steam-powered machines. Is Ash truly lost to addiction and darkness, or can he become something more? Find out by reading This Strange Engine today. Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket! Get the freebie today on Amazon. Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night.

Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden. Mystery Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense. Cozy Mystery All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness. Romantic Suspense Equal mix of Romance and Suspense, for those who like a little action in their love stories. This is the recommended genre for most New Adult books. Historical Romance From Knights, to Dukes, to early 20th century lovers, the lovers in these tales must find a way to be together before the age of the internet!

Erotic Romance Is your book focused on the fulfillment of physical desire between the protagonists? If so, erotic romance is the genre for you! Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here. Young Adult Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up.

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This book is Free on November 10, Kindle. Definitely Cornwell's best work, imo. I agree it's a great series, but it's also exactly what OP didn't ask for.

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  4. So, my recommendations are for older books. The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. Once and Futue King by T. I am a bot bleep!

    The Once and Future King is probably the most "magical" of the retellings. Most others try to ground the story with a more "realistic" Arthur and Merlin and don't have dragons. Attanasio's The Perilous Order of Camelot 4 books. In the first book, The Dragon and the Unicorn :. Here is magic. And dark romance.

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    The druid-queen he serves calls him Myrddin and sends him to find her true love—to fulfill for her people an ancient prophecy at the frontier of life and death. Marie de France's Lanval too!

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    FYI - Old English isn't really readable by anyone without specialization -- Middle English aka what Chaucer wrote in can be read by anyone but could be seen as a bit of a slog if you aren't super into things like this. A lot of people say Old English and mean something akin to Shakespearean English -- if that's what you mean, my recommendation for Stewart stands, along with TH White's stories.

    You may also be able to find a less literary translation of Malory's and de Troyes tales as well, and that can certainly get you all the fun and none of the "wtf are they talking about now" moments! Forever King by Molly Cochran is sort domed interesting No dragons, but Jo Walton's the King's Peace is fairly magical. Healing and contraception spells or prayers, really are commonplace and reliable, kings and lords literally stand between their land and the gods of that land or lie down with those gods.

    It's a short, sweet and very funny book about young man coming of age trying to prove himself and do the right thing, in the context of Camelot. This world happens to be the home of the elves, who have been engaged in a civil war for one hundred millennia, and the various peoples and monsters summoned by the dark elves, such as orcs, dwarfs, halflings, lion-centaurs, man-eating spider-women and so on.