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With down-to-earth practical wisdom and sublime insights, Dr. Mark Miravalle lifts the veil that has shrouded this glorious patriarch for centuries, revealing the treasures and benefits of having an intimate relationship with the virginal father of the Son o With illuminating study notes, topical essays and thorough indices ma Bring home the Bible AND a road map to understanding it! Now, for a limited time, order this special combo pack of the New Testament plus the immensely popular book Bible Basics for Catholics.

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Get both books now and save big! Scroll down to see full pricing details. Still fewer know that he considered it not only his most important but also his best work. He spent twelve years in research and many months in France doing archival work and then made several attempts until he felt he finally had the story he wanted to tell. From biblical scholar Dr. John Bergsma — two-time "Teacher of the Year" from Franciscan University of Steubenville, OH — comes this fresh, fun, and authentically Catholic introduction to the "big picture" of salvation history.

This overview of the Bible is based on Bergsma's widely popular introduction to theology course at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Bergsma combines sound theology Ever wonder why so many people pay so much attention to Mary, the Mother of Jesus? But could the Mother of Jesus also be your mother? Discover the five greatest loves of Saint John Paul II, through remarkable unpublished stories about him from bishops, priests who organized his papal pilgrimages, his students in Pol This book is an exhilarating conversion story of a devout Baptist who relates how he overcame his hostility to the Catholic Church by serious Bible study and vast research into the writings of the early Church Fathers.

Scott and Kimberly Hahn have spoken all over the world about their conversion to the Catholic Church. This book tells the story of their incredible spiritual journey that led them to embrace Catholicism. Their conversion story and love for the Church has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of lukewarm Catholics an In short, straight-forward, and unsentimental chapters, Kreeft covers all the key areas for understanding and developing th Without betraying his Christian ideals, against all odds, and in the face of evil, Geron Goldmann was able to complete his priestly training, be ordained and secretary minister to German Catholic soldiers and innocent civil This book tells the story of the incredible spiritual journey that led them to embrace Catholicism.

Their conversion and love for the Church has captured the hearts and minds of thousands Catholics and has brought many lukewarm Catholics back into active participation in the Church. Pages: Book Considered one of Frank Sheed's best books, A Map of Life is also one of the best and most popular short summaries of the Catholic Faith ever written. Focusing on the major truths of our existence and purpose in life, Sheed draws on God's revelation to show what the Divine "master plan" is for us and how each part of the plan is related.

Pages: Book Dimensions: 4. He was a serious "face" in London's East End. His jackets were tailored to hold his machete and knucklebusters. His drug deals made him wealthy. He nearly killed a man outside a nightclub, but then something extraordinary happened His powerful story reveals God's mercy and has inspired hundreds of thousands to grow in their faith.

The Augustine Institute S. Phone: Fax: Email: Customer Service. Parish Individual. Your Cart 0 Items. Por asistencia, llame al Joseph Langford M. Congregational Edition - Cycle C. Average Rating: 5. Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange. A Do-It-at-Home Retreat. Andre Ravier, SJ.

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Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love - Book. Average Rating: 3. Remade for Happiness. Archbishop Fulton J. The Imitation of Christ. Bible in a Year - Leather-bound. Augustine Institute. Average Rating: 4. Mercy and Hope. Made for Love. Michael Schmitz. Christopher O.

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Blum and Joshua P. Bible in a Year - Paperback. Bible in a Year - Paperback Spanish. Ignatius Catholic Study Bibles Bundle. Into His Likeness.

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Benedict Groeschel. Your Questions, God's Answers. True Reformers: Saints of the Catholic Reformation. Five Pillars of the Spiritual Life. Robert Spitzer, SJ. Abandonment to Divine Providence. Jean-Pierre de Caussade. Fatima for Today.


Andrew Apostoli C. The Acts of the Apostles - Study Bible. Christopher Kaczor.

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Meet Your Spiritual Father - Book. New Testament - Paperback. Joan of Arc. Bible Basics for Catholics. Meet Your Mother - Book. Crossing the Tiber.

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