Ramiel and Tammie: A love story between an Arc Angel and a Woman

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Endless Waltz: Lezlie throws a thunder sphere that travels slowly and explodes at the climax of its travel. Opponent hit by it are electrocuted. Arabesque: Clara spins like a ballerina and moves forward, confounding opponents before jumping out of the stage and launching them high. Dragon Flame: Rexion breathes fire downwards for a long period, setting opponents ablaze. Ghoul Train Attack: Casey Bones rams forward.

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Soul Impact: Monny Darko emits an aura around him. Similar to Soul Effect. Dark Fury: Rutherford implase his sword and invokes a field where more swords arise. Similar to Kanavan Strike. Kung Shot: Kungji the Younger fires three projectiles, each one on a specified angle. Thunder Hammer: Darek smashes a lightning hammer forward that is left stationary for few second before dissipating. Flash of Destruction: Bitty Perry fires three slow homing orbs that last shortly but lock the specials of the opponent if they it.

Falling Star: Sirius slashes through space, stopping opponents, followed by a gravitational sphere that slows them down. Sword Slash: Purrthos slices across a wide area, and few seconds later, an "Z" shaped slash will strike on every opponent that was hit by Purrthos. Crescent Boomerang: Moon Child throws a moon shaped boomerang that covers a fair distance. Grand Cross: Rencia invokes a slow moving cross that pushes opponents away while provinding a 10 second one hit barrier for her master. Red Shock Field: Red Blitzchen develops a red shock fied around him for few seconds.

Green Shock Field: Green Blitzchen develops a green shock fied around him for few seconds. Yellow Shock Field: Yellow Blitzchen develops a yellow shock fied around him for few seconds. Blue Shock Field: Blue Blitzchen develops a blue shock fied around him for few seconds. Shock Field: Blitz King develops a cerulean shock fied around him for few seconds. This attack regenerates AP. Flash Freeze: Lulu throws a snow statue in front of her that freezes the opponents. Holy Steps: Keter stomps ahead, launching opponents high, and follows by developing a holy aura as they fall.

The aura will also remove MP from the opponents. Milk Bubbles: Puff Creamy spins on the spot, forming a milk tornado and granting a 5 second timed shield to his master. Aqua Shield: Cordelia summons a water sphere that acts as a barrier around her master. Operation Fafnir: Gram strafes and slices at hypersonic pace, stopping the opponents, and Norton follows with a laser from his mouth, which will slow down and remove MP from the opponents. Frozen Moon: Bakunawa lingers around while an image of a small moon appears behind him, which shatters into ice at the climax.

KOG B Special: KOG B generates an electric triangle, which will trap and electrocute opponents, then splts into its three components, each one shooting bullets inside the triangle. At last, the three components recombine and KOG B finishes off with a sword slice from above.

Momo Bomb: Annie throws Momo, which leaps twice before exploding.

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Opponents caught in the explosion cannot use specials for a short period of time. Trick or Play: Trickster conjures an dark aura in front of him, and speeds through it. Opponents caught in the aura are binded and confounded. Frost Breath: Princeon breathes frost downwards for a long period, encasing opponent in ice. Endless Holiday Waltz: Holiday Lezlie throws a lightning sphere that travels slowly and explodes into present boxes at the climax of its travel.

Holiday Rifle: Holiday Mary Jane throws a salvo of presents that paralize the opponent, and the she proceeds to blow up a gift bag. Holiday Serum: Holiday Nurse Tammy summons a group of reindeers dragging sleights followed by germs, and finishes by charging into them with her syringe.

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How To Learn English Grammar. The Legendary Mae West. Tabatha Yeatts. English for Execs. Connie LeBaron. Detoxify your mind and body from the stress of daily life. Enjoy a sonic massage that will soothe your soul and lift your spirit. Experience the power of the gong with Gong Guru, Andres Peraza, an experienced percussionist for over 30 years. Wear comfortable clothing and bring your favorite pillow, blanket and an open mind. The Gong will do the rest. Allow your stress to melt away by becoming present in the moment. Living in the now will ease needless worry and banish regret.

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Quickly, I progressed to Psychic Impression readings, and, in , to Akashic Record readings which I continue to this day. Since , RoseWolf has been a professional reader, teacher and as always, a student of the spiritual arts. This reading will include a handout. For the past 10 years, she has focused on her tarot studies and on doing readings. She believes the tarot cards are a wonderful tool for discovery and assisting others.

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