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Which Island Belongs To You? Which U. City Should You Live In? Which City in Australia is for You? Which city in Australia should I live in?

Which Movie Villain Are You? What kind of dog breed are you? Which Color Is Your Personality? Are you a cheese-freak? Which Sherlock Character are you? Retire Age Test When will you be able to retire? Which Friends Character Are You?

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What type of relationship attachments do you form? Can you guess which engagement ring costs more? What kind of character do you have? How will you do on the Flowers Knowledge Quiz? Take this test to find out how sexy you are! Do you know the plural of these words? What Animal Am I? Geography Quiz When will I die? Are you a History Buff who knows these bizarre history facts?

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Which character are you in "Spiderman: Homecoming"? Which of the 12 archetypes are you? How Good Is Your Memory? This assessment is a bit of a stretch, as others have noted; at 46, Ms. Grant is almost a full decade younger than the actor.

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But when the alternative may have been a lifestyle similar to that of Leonardo DiCaprio — a man whose dating track record suggests a belief that women have a shelf life just shy of 25 years — dating age-appropriately in itself seems like a low bar to clear, yet sadly, worthy of praise. And while Mr. Jeff Goldblum, Alec Baldwin and countless others have paired up with women significantly younger. Grant, who is in my opinion quite striking, is Would we have had the same fawning reaction had Mr.

Reeves stepped out with one of them?

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Grant was showcasing a luminescent smile and what appears to be her natural, silver-gray hair. Also to my delight: a few noticeable wrinkles — a rarity in Los Angeles. And that matters. I desperately want to see wrinkles and gray hair as an objectively good thing look at these lovely markings of your full life on this planet!

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And to deny that, as embarrassing as it is, would be counterproductive to the many other women my age who feel the same way. I know the root of my attitude is part vanity and part internalized misogyny, but it also comes from the way the world tends to view and treat middle-aged women — as past their prime, as desperate cougars trying too hard, or worse, as invisible.