The Crime on Cote des Neiges (Ricochet Books)

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Looking from the edge of the bluff, all Montreal was spread below, from the rich stone mansions on Redpath Crescent at the top of town, to the turrets of the Chateau Apartments on Sherbrooke, to the narrow busy million-signed crampedness of St. Catherine, to the railroad tracks, St. The St.

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Lawrence river, winding up here from the Atlantic to bring ocean ships farther inland than anywhere else in the world. A mighty city.

A mighty city for the Sark to live on like a maggot on a piece of rich fat meat. Tony Davis, a Toronto pulp aficionado and editor of the annual The Pulpster. Tales from the Vault! Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience. As for the p. Montrose clearly struggled with the genre conventions that he seems to have acquired largely from reading Chandler.

The hard-boiled content seems forced and self-conscious most of the time. And like many Chandler acolytes before and after, Montrose overdoes the similes and many of them fall flatter than a [fill in the blank]. One of my least favorite: "[The entry] had a crystal chandelier as fancy as a young boy with dark red fingernails.

Or jarring similes in which the comparisons bear no comparison: "…she would need a bra as much as a drill sergeant would need a second backbone. This is the stuff of Mickey Spillane.

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As for "Montrose's descriptions are racier than their American counterparts" I must disagree. By , American hard-boiled fiction contained references to the color of women's pubic hair visible beneath shear panties whoo-hoo!

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I watched it carnally. Regarding "In days like these, when the government has taken over most social responsibility, wealth doesn't carry social obligation any more. It's wicked to be wealthy, in the eyes of the majority, and young rich people too often act as though they were trying to live up to that reputation. Considering US political rhetoric these days, ex. Not in a s novel, however, I grant you. In spite of my disappointment in Montrose's novel, I can see how native Montrealers would enjoy it.

I know how much I kind of hug to myself those references to Los Angeles street and place names, restaurants, etc. It even makes the mediocre ones more fun. A little trip down memory lane.

Oh, it's not top-flight stuff, but it's enjoyable period piece, especially so, as you say, for we Montreal natives. As for racier, I chose the word deliberately.

And, come to think of it, I haven't read much American crime fiction from the s. I was comparing this book to American crime fiction from previous decades. And I don't think that even a contemporary U. The sentiment, maybe. The words, no. Most of Graham's adult life was spent in Montreal, where he eked out a living writing and teaching.

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John McFetridge was born and raised in Montreal. He is the author of six novels. Sign Up or Sign In to add your review or comment.

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