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When Hunter and his twin brother, Zack, hear from Sarah Yulefski that there is going to be a kidnapping in Newfield, they are on high alert. But the most shocking news is yet to come: they figure out that Steadman, their younger brother, is the kidna Jilli and Jim solve the mystery of the monster in their garden in the third book in the endearing new chapter book series by two-time Newbery Honor Book author Patricia Reilly Giff. It is time to plant a vegetable garden! Best friends Jilli and J They'll have to practice hard.

Too bad Gina is a better opera singer than a runner. Ramon has them running all over -- in the schoolyard, down Stone Street, back into the It's , W. II is raging. Jayna's big brother Rob is her only family. When Rob is called to duty on a destroyer, Jayna is left in their small town in upstate New York with their cranky landlady. But right before he leaves, Rob tells Jayna a secre There's a blizzard outside and Jilli is curled up with a good book.

Need something to go sky high? The zinger-winger!

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Need to launch a cheese popper into soup? The amazing popper-upper! But the zinger-winger zings more than wings and the popper-upper plops. Charlie isn't allowed to in Twins Hunter and Zack have a small problem to solve: they must save their town from a diabolical dentist who is planning to blow it to smithereens.

But first they have to hold a funeral for an incriminating report card before it breaks their mother's This week the kids at the Zigzag Afternoon Center are being creative, and trying new things. But that's not so easy for Destiny. All of her ideas turn into disasters -- until she finds out what a good poet she is. The sixth book in award-winning An endearing new chapter book series by two-time Newbery Honor author of the bestselling Polk Street series.

Jilli and Jim are best of friends. But today, Jim has some news. Something scary is happening next door. Workmen are building something th Mitchell really doesn't want to go camping with the other kids at the Zigzag Afternoon Center. Sleeping in the woods with creepy crawly things, coyotes, and bears?

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But his best friend Habib is going, and it's Mitchell's birthday that weekend. Rachel, Cassie, and Joey live in the city with their Pop, until Pop's search for work lands the family on a run down farm. Dreamy Rachel loves to read, and doesn't know much about the country. Times are hard there, too -- the school and library are c In the fourth book in the Zigzag Kids series, it's showtime at the Zelda A.

GIFF, Patricia Reilly 1935-

Zigzag Afternoon Center. Gina loves to sing and she's determined to be the star of the play. She's already told everybody she knows to come see her. But her friend Destiny w When Charlie hears that special buzz in his head, he knows it means one thing: an idea for a new invention. But Charlie's ideas tend to backfire -- such as the flying feet that don't really fly. If only Charlie could make his inventions work, people Elizabeth is drawn into a dramatic story from the American Revolution when she discovers a portrait of her ancestor, a girl called Zee, who has a striking resemblance to Elizabeth.

The girls' lives intertwine and Elizabeth's present-day story alterna The author of the beloved Kids of the Polk Street School series introduces a new generation of readers to a multicultural group of kids who enjoy all the activities of an after-school center. I'M 1!

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That's what Mitchell McCabe's favorite T-shirt A contemporary and irresistible story from Patricia Reilly Giff Lidie lives in Jales, Brazil, where she's free to ride, to be a wild girl, and to dream of going to live with her father and older brother, Rafael, in New York City. Finally Lidie is Sam is almost 11 when he discovers a locked box in the attic above his grandfather Mack's room, and a piece of paper that says he was kidnapped.

There are lots of other words, but Sam has always had trouble reading. He's desperate to find out who he Brooklyn, Bird Mallon lives on Water Street where you can see the huge towers of the bridge to Manhattan being built. Bird wants nothing more in life than to be brave enough to be a healer, like her mother, Nory, to help her sister Annie find l Meggie's father has announced that they must help the war effort andmove to Willow Run, Michigan, where he'll work nights in a factory building important war planes that will help figh Endless tiny stitches, button holes, darts.

When year-old Dina l Hollis Woods is the place where a baby was abandoned is the baby's name is an artist is now a twelve-year-old girl who's been in so many foster homes she can hardly remember them all. Hollis Woods is a mountain of trouble. She runs away even from the We will dance on the cliffs of Brooklyn. Brick listens to their games on the radio in Windy Hill, in upstate New York, where his family has an apple orchard; Mariel, once a polio patient in the hospital in Windy Hill, Tired of being compared with her popular older sister, Casey decides she will make herself over in Fourth-Grade Celebrity.

Lily's Crossing

Newbery Honor-winning author Patricia Reilly Giff tells the story of how a remarkable girl and her family face the Irish Famine in this riveting and unforgettable new novel. Nory Ryan's family has lived on Maidin Bay on the west coast of Ireland f Max was a drop-in. He dropped into my life one summer day, nearly killing himself doing it. He was all skin and bones and filthy, all meow, with a look that said, "How about a handout?

I'll take anything. From the creator of the best-selling Kids of the Polk Street School series comes The Adventures of Minnie and Max, a new series about a spunky female detective and her trusty feline sidekick, Max. Philadelphia fun! Richard "Beast" Best and the kids in Ms. Rooney's class are off to see the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin's inventions, and historic places where American colonists met and decided to start a new co Rosie is thrilled when Miss Deirdre chooses Cinderella as the class ballet.

Rosie knows the performance will make the perfect birthday present for her grandfather. But he's planning to go to England! Can Rosie convince him to stay? Bright lights, big city--Ms. Rooney's class is heading for NYC! Facing a long summer without ballet classes, Rosie decides to stage her own performance of Swan Lake, in which she will star, but someone else's identical plans threaten to overshadow her production. As in past years, Lily will spend the summer in Rockaway, in her family's summer house by the Atlantic Ocean.

But this summer of , World War II has changed everyone's life. Lily's best friend, Margaret, has moved to a wartime factory town, and, m After landing a part in her favorite play, "Sleeping Beauty," Rosie discovers that she is responsible for more than just learning her lines and must work extra hard to keep the production moving forward despite its many various problems. Training his dog, Lucky, during a boring summer, Ronald hopes that his new neighbor will be a boy his age and a fellow dog lover, and he is disgusted when the neighbor turns out to be a girl who loves cats.

Richard "Beast" Best thinks that Pet Week will be a disaster. How can he bring his dog Kissie Poo to school? She's a great dog, but she's fat and has only three teeth left.

His friends will laugh their heads off. Beast isn't the only one The whole neighborhood is preparing for a street festival to raise money for a new pool. Benjamin Bean can hardly wait. It's going to be a fantastic fiesta with dancing from Columbia, food from Equador, and music from Mexico.

Even getting ready is Accidentally trampling Mrs. Alonzo offers a big reward for the names of the responsible culprits. Sarah Cole can't believe it. Saying goodbye for the summer to her Spanish friend, Anna, who is going away on vacation, Sarah plans to use a special library book to learn Spanish, but her plans are thwarted when the book is inadvertently left locked in Anna's house.

The Polk Street kids run into plenty of surprises on a two-day class trip to the nation's capital and all its sites, complete with two maps and a children's guide to museums, monuments, and other Washington attractions. It's going to be a great Thanksgiving week! Rooney's class is having a special feast and competing in a Good Neighbors Contest. But for Emily Arrow lots more is going on: Her mother is going to have a baby very soon. Everything would be perfect i When his neighbor J. Rooney's class plans a special tour of the post office during which they will mail postcards to children all over the U.

Did you ever want to write your own book? Now is your chance. She shows you the steps she uses to write great stories like "The Beast in Ms. Patrick's Day parade, a nationally televised event, until she sees the ugly uniforms that the band will have to wear. Although he is certain that he could win a prize with his own drum solo in the upcoming Simson City Valentine's Day competition, Willie Roberts is torn when his pals beg him to join their terrible act.

It's time to bring out the costumes, makeup, and props and start rehearsing.

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Now you can not only read about your favorite Polk Street characters, you can act out the stories In plays. There's going to be a marching band at the Lincoln School! Chrissie Tripp is going to sing right up. She just knows she'll make a great band kid. She's so sure, she tells her new friend, Oh, no!

Mother's Day is almost here and Emily Arrow's plans are a mess.

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She can't think of a good present. Even the marigold she planted at school won't grow. How can she give her mother an old milk carton full of dirt? Luckily Emily gets the best His sister, Holly, is even giving him a surprise party.