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He said later that he was looking for a boat. However that may be, the fact remains that a muscular young chap dashed into the water while Easton was still hesitating, seized Betty rudely by the hair and carried her out of the water. Betty, still weak with fright and full of water, thought the young man was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and told him as much in a choked, husky voice.

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The young man, whose name was Alec, realized at once Written by Moving Picture World synopsis. This number, written by Ashley Miller, comes nearer being a comedy-drama than straight drama. The engaged girl is twice rescued by a young man who steps in ahead of her cowardly lover. Betty's encouragement of Alec to make love to her was a pleasing bit. The picture as a whole is pleasing in a quiet way. Erskine appear.

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Edit Cast Cast overview: Arthur Housman Easton Bessie Learn Betty Gray Harry Gripp Alec Margery Bonney Erskine Gray as Mrs. That night, China Davis was at the hospital where she worked when the phone rang. Davis was confused — her nephew, Carl, had told her that Ms. Ellis had been taken to a nearby school.

He was still waiting to be rescued himself.

But there was the voice of Mr. Lincoln on television, describing how he had found Ms. The newscasters hung on Mr. As is common in natural disasters, accurate information was scarce. On Tuesday, Mr. They called hospitals and shelters.

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They got in touch with Mr. Lincoln, who joined the search by posting on social media and doing follow-up interviews. One man said he had seen her at a shelter. But still, no one could find her. It was not until Thursday that Ms. Davis received a call from the morgue. Ellis, who spent her childhood picking cotton in rural north Louisiana and later worked at a hospital in Houston, was a matriarchal figure in an extended clan — she had seven siblings, six children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

They called her Mama, or Jean. To find her, they had been sifting anxiously through the meager clues, left like shreds of storm debris snagged on a chain-link fence.

But now that they knew she was dead, those clues refused to add up. How, if she had nearly drowned, had the turban remained on her head?

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In the photograph taken by Mr. More important, where had she been left, and with whom? Had there been foul play? Or had someone, some of them wondered, simply failed to care enough about a lone, old black woman? The red tape did not help.

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Her son, Carl Ellis, went to get her medical records, but came away empty-handed because he had no death certificate. The autopsy report would not be available for weeks. But there was an official cause of death: drowning. That raised more questions — if she had been revived, how had she drowned? Had she been fished from the water only to be swallowed up again? Could she have gone through something destructive enough to wrest the hospital bracelet from her wrist?

Ellis said.

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He wondered if she had been left to fend for herself. But medical experts said drowning could be listed as the cause of death even if Ms.

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Ellis initially survived. The autopsy could have found fluid lurking in her lungs, or the near drowning could have led to fatal complications because of weakened organs, unbalanced blood chemistry or a swollen airway. With immediate medical attention, she might have survived. If emergency medical workers had tried to treat her at any point, they may well have cut off the hospital bracelet to get it out of the way. Ellis may have been watched over, but nobody seems to remember. A man who worked at the gas station where Ms.

Ellis was first dropped off said he could not recall seeing her during the storm. Less than two miles away, close to an emergency staging ground, was another gas station, where hundreds of evacuees were taken. Employees there did not remember Ms. Ellis, either. But one, Karim Musani, took a second look at the photo Mr. Lincoln had taken. When I picked it up, it was so heavy. Wearing a pair of denim overalls, he prepared for the job of mucking out and sorting through.

The day before, he had avoided a gathering of 13 family members on the driveway, and still seemed lost in self-reproach over what had happened. A few days later, Mr. Lincoln drove back to Houston for Ms. Emotionally overwhelmed, he said, he got lost on the way. But at the memorial service, he encountered a family still under strain from the unanswered — perhaps never to be answered — questions about Ms. Campbell, Ms.