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Furthermore, the security lights right outside my front door and in the car park remained on. A house next door and many houses in the street were also unaffected. This suggests that only very specific premises had their power cut, possibly to prevent major blackouts. If Victoria's power system cannot guarantee electricity supply on one hot night, how can it cope with another month of summer? What is it with concertgoers who attend an event, then watch it through their phones?

At the Recital Centre the other night, someone right in front of me had his phone held up almost the entire two hours. Apart from the mind-boggling idiocy of paying a heap of money to attend a live concert and then watching it on a phone, the super-bright screen, the tinny squawks and the constant fidgeting as he made his crap video in portrait format!

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And he was only one of about 50 doing the same thing. Venues should consider banning such idiotic anti-social behaviour.

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Of course I am saddened by the passing of Ron Walker. I am, however, not in favour of his two major legacies: Crown Casino and the Grand Prix.

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The casino has caused untold misery for fellow Victorians and the Grand Prix is a classic example of environmental vandalism. Another house bites the dust in your area and you begin to hope: that the new "dwelling" won't be yet another graceless box or set of boxes presenting a more or less blank face to the world. That it won't destroy the last vestige of architectural and aesthetic congruity in the street. That it will leave space for a garden.

That it won't be finished in some permutation of excremental brown etc. Now it is confirmed that McMansions are extremely inefficient in their use of energy, contributing to power outages that "made conditions especially testing for tens of thousands of people" "McMansion design an air-conditioned hell", The Age, February 3. Of course one hopes in vain: it does seem that every new house built in an average suburb is a McMansion of one kind or another, whether a pretentious piece of pseudo-something or a garage with a house attached.

The article makes plain that this nightmare is the result of appalling planning and lack of vision by government at every level.

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So, trucks will be taken off local roads and yet Melbourne City Council is concerned that the project will funnel traffic into North and West Melbourne. This traffic is already funnelling into North and West Melbourne but to do so it is competing for space on the West Gate and Bolte Bridges and heading in through the Footscray, Dynon and Racecourse Road exits. I am sure those from the west who are queuing from as far afield as Werribee and Caroline Springs to get onto the West Gate Bridge in the morning would appreciate a less myopic Melbourne City-centric view.

With all those trucks and other vehicles not competing for the West Gate, a great many west and north-west Victorian citizens travelling to the south and east of Melbourne will have significantly reduced travel times. I will be 90 this year. My father and three of my grandparents were born in Australia.

However, I spent my first three years in England, and lived and worked there for four years. I agree with Dr Johnson that "the man who is tired of London is tired of life", and ending an international voyage in London feels much the same sort of homecoming to me as coming back to Melbourne.

I admire the Queen for her proud lifelong devotion to a demanding job. But I hope that I will live to join in the celebrations when Australia becomes a republic, with an Australian-born president qualified by excellence in one or more of the many fields where this country's record shines brightly. After attending many churches for confession, I wonder what the deal with confession line etiquette is. If the person in front of you goes in, does everyone move up? Is there a designated distance between the confessional and someone standing in the confession line, especially in old, poorly soundproofed confessionals?

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What about two lines, one going slow and one moving fast? Do you allow for crossovers? It was great for one priest, one line for one confessional, until another priest came in. Do you start another line, but by doing so, cutoff the other people waiting in the first line?

Mayhem would breakout when a third priest came in, three confessionals and two lines. I saw verbal arguments erupt. I thought about writing a letter asking to put up better signage, but I realized it was kind of a test. If you are yelling in the confessional line, you probably are not contrite for your sins. I remember adding sins while in line: impatient, bad thoughts. I love confession, but I know some people are nervous about going. There might be more pressing issues facing the church, but we could make it easier for these people and everyone else with a few improvements:.

Every church has confessions on Saturday afternoon. By prose, October 4, in Open Mic. You can post now and register later.

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Quirky Catholic: Confession line etiquette

Report post. Posted October 4, I just read another thread that got me thinking. Sometimes when I am waiting in line for confession and there are like 20 people in line and someone takes like 20 minutes, and there is a time line to confessions, I get anxious, and I ALWAYS feel rushed.

I remember my first confession in 12 years the priest kept looking at his watch and saying uh huh uh huh What do you all think of this? I always kinda wonder whether I should go back and have a full confession again even though I am absolved. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Guest T-Bone. I always feel the need to confess getting annoyed I've gotten annoyed, but I know the person who I was annoyed at and I know its not just confessing he does in the confessional. I don't exactly confess getting annoyed, but I do confess getting angry so I think that counts I went to confession the other day and I was getting nervous that the Priest wasn't going to show up.